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Welcome to the Berlin R Users Group's Repository

Here you can find material being used at our group meetups, presentation slides, tutorial data etc.

Please feel free to join the group and come by one of our upcoming events.


2016-01-28: RMarkdown & Packages

Konstantin Greger: "Welcome Slides" (@kogreger)

Andreas Busjahn: "RMarkdown and Word" (@TwinGuyBerlin, HealthTwiSt GmbH)

Steven Pollack: "R Packages: What, Why and How?"

2015-12-17: Method Comparison Studies (MCS)

Konstantin Greger: "Welcome Slides" (@kogreger)

Kevin O'Brien: Method Comparison Studies with R : A whistlestop tour of methods and techniques for one of the most commonly encountered problems in sciences (University of Limerick, Ireland; @kobriendublin)

2015-11-19: R BeeRs

No presentations, just socializing at Café Uebereck

2015-10-29: Product Discovery with R

Konstantin Greger: "Welcome Slides" (@kogreger)

Eduard Parsadanyan: "[Unfulfilled] Potential of R in Clinical Research"

2015-09-24: R and the Crowd

Konstantin Greger: "Welcome Slides" (@kogreger)

Open Mic!

Michael Rustler: "Creating A Crowd Based Central Knowledge Hub for R" (Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin)

Tim Vogelsang: "Prototyping with R shiny: Video and Quiz Analysis in MOOCs" (@TimVogelsang,

2015-07-23: Best of useR! Conference 2015

Konstantin Greger: "Welcome Slides" (@kogreger)

Rick Scavetta: "Data Vis Highlights" (@Rick_Scavetta)

Konstantin Greger: "Spatial Analysis in R" (@kogreger)

2015-06-24: 1. Meetup

Konstantin Greger: "Welcome and Group Introduction" (@kogreger)

Berry Boessenkool: "Why you need an umbrella on hot days" (@berryboessenkoo)

Daniel Kirsch: "Analyzing Children's Relay Times for Fun and Gold Medals" (@kirel)